Dear President Trump

To President Trump:


Where does the greater danger to the lives of Americans exist?

How many Americans have been killed or harmed on American soil by refugees and others coming from Iran, Iraq, Libya, Somalia, Sudan, Syria or Yemen?
Answer:  Zero

How many Americans have been killed by terrorists from any country who entered the United States as refugees?
Answer:  Zero

In the fifteen years from 2002 through 2016, how many Americans have been killed by Muslim- American extremists residing in the United States (all of whom had no family or background connections to the seven countries listed above)?
Answer:  123

In just one year, 2016, how many Americans were killed (murdered) by other Americans with a gun?
Answer:  Roughly 11,000 or more!

Perhaps, if you seriously care about the safety of the American  people, you should issue a ban on Americans with guns.


An Old Man with a Pen