To:  Senator Roger Wicker of Mississippi

The hypocrisy is astounding.  On your website, you proclaim:  “I strongly believe that Americans know how to spend their money better than politicians in Washington.”  However, you are now seeking, as a prominent “politician in Washington” to dictate to the people of the District of Columbia how they can spend their own tax dollars on providing health care to their residents.  Are these citizens not “Americans” deserving of your strong beliefs.  I am sure you do not believe that these citizens are deserving of representation in congress, even though they contribute far more in taxes to the Federal coffers than your state.  In an analysis of  “Givers and Takers” states relative to their contributions to the Federal budget through taxes versus the monies they directly receive as Federal benefits, Mississippi ranks seventh from the top of the Takers list, receiving three dollars for every dollar it’s citizens contribute as taxes.  On the other hand, the citizens of the District essentially break even with respect to taxes paid versus benefits received.  And District residents contribute more than $33,000 per resident in Federal taxes, compared to less than $4,000 per resident contributed to the Federal budget by the citizens of Mississippi.  For someone who claims to believe “strongly” that people should be able to make decisions regarding spending within their local communities free from interference from the federal government, you have a strange way of showing it.  The people of the District of Columbia have made decisions as to how they best want to spend their own tax dollars (being independent from Federal tax dollars), and unless you are truly a hypocrite, you should honor that decision and keep your hands off the District.


An Old Man with a Pen