Dear Rubio

TO:  Marco Rubio

Since you are sponsoring legislation to strip the District of Columbia of its powers to pass and enforce reasonable regulations relating to firearms in the apparent belief that gun-toting persons roaming through the  District’s streets, buildings and businesses will result in everyone being safer, then I can only assume that the next piece of legislation you will be putting forward will  propose removing any restrictions on the carrying of loaded weapons within all of the buildings, as well as the grounds, of Capital Hill.  Surely, you want to extend the promise of greater safety and the full freedom to carry a weapon to your fellow Senators and Congressmen, their staffs and visitors to the Capital.  Otherwise your action with regard to the District might be seen as the ultimate of hypocrisy.  Surely, you wouldn’t want that.

Speaking of hypocrisy, it is amazing to watch how quickly you and your fellow Republicans can depart from proclamations against the big, bad Federal government seeking to impose its will on state or local governments and the supreme importance of allowing the people to make independent decisions at the local level to a stance that totally undermines those precepts when it comes to the District of Columbia.  Does the will of the people of the District of Columbia and their freedom to determine their own destiny mean nothing? As I said, hypocrisy reigns.


An Old Man with a Pen


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